Recherche en design – Journée Cumulus le 18 mai. Poster Doctorants et post doctorants

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Call for Poster Session
Purpose of the present Call is building a visual map (and visual database) of the current design researches (PhD, post-Doctorate, research oriented postgraduate education etc.) in the different design areas developed within schools, universities and institutions related to DRS or members of the Cumulus Association.
It is a first important step towards a real, young, creative active networking among different research teams of different institutions and different countries.
Even though the Poster Session takes place during the 1st International Symposium for Design Education Researchers in Paris organised by DRS, it is not necessary for participants to link the content of the poster to education in Design. Nevertheless it will be useful where relevant to underline how your research is fundamental for the future of education in design, for design education.
This mapping will enable the design community to understand the present “panorama” of the youngest researches in various design fields. A starting point for meshing, entangling or entwining ideas, curiosities, and questionings .
To support design research is one of the main goals of DRS; to facilitate the dialogue is one of the primary activities of Cumulus. An active intensive seminar in form of poster session with the involvement of researchers and experts of different countries, will try to offer a first joint contribution to these two important goals.
The Poster has to be developed following the format provided (see the template on symposium’s website).

Deadline for submitting the posters: 8th of April
Review: 11th-15th of April including selection (max. 25 A3 format posters will be accepted) and/or suggestion The review of posters will be carried out by the Milano Design PhD Board, prof. Luisa Collina, POLIMI on behalf of Cumulus Association, and a member of DRS SIG on Design Pedagogy
Poster Session: 18th of May 9.00-18.00 The activity will be coordinated by Luisa Collina and Alessandro Biamonti, Anne Schoonbrodt (Politecnico di Milano) and it will be organized in the following 3 steps:
Poster preview_Before the start of the Seminar all the accepted posters will be available on the web. All the participants are invited to read the posters before taking part to the two days seminar in order to give feedbacks and comments.
PhD Walking _ Posters would be hanged on the walls, as a kind of colourful landscape or path crossing the different design thematic areas recognisable by colours. All participants will be asked to use post-it in order to add notes, info, suggestions, questions to the participants.
Poster2Poster Review_ Discussions, organized by Thematic Areas. Participants are invited, in Thematic corners, for presenting and discussing Posters Proposals. Thematic corner will be organized according with the spaces. The idea is to assure to each thematic area a “facilitator” of exchange of opinions able to facilitate a sort of “peer to peer” review by the participants.
9.00 – 9.30 poster session kick-off, morning round 16.10 – 17.00 poster session discussion, afternoon round – Plus the posters will be available during the day.
General comment:
The idea is to try to combine an academic mechanism of review with a more open and social mechanism of networking activity and informal discussion.

Contact Anne SCHOONBRODT – – +390223997261


Sophie Pène Professeur en SIC (sciences de l'information et de la communication) Université de Paris - CRI-Paris.

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